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AI Solution:
Create Your AI Colleagues in CITIES Around the World

Transform Work, Transform Life: Meet Your AI Colleagues!

Unleash the potential of your company with AI Colleagues. Let your business grow with effortless, efficient, and endless potential!


Construct AI Colleague Chatbots


In-depth Training of Your “AI Colleague” Bots


Tailor-made Bot Appearances 


Integrate To-Do Lists


Effortless Deployment


Safeguard Against Inappropriate Responses

Efficiency Redefined:
Automate low-value tasks, enabling a focus on high-impact activities.

Professional Image:
Maintain reliability and professionalism with accurate and appropriate interactions.


Enhanced Productivity:
Say goodbye to time-consuming chores and hello to productivity.

Metaverse Solutions

Leveraging the team's vast expertise in technological development, event management, and identifying business opportunities, we offer the following MaaS solutions - all branded under our very own GreatMeta trademark & ADEN-X brand.

GreatMeta LIVE


GreatMeta MOTION


Go LIVE with the assistance of our experts with extended reality know-hows that can support avatar motion recording, virtual world mapping, and live broadcasting processing.


Develop lifelike avatars by utilizing our top-tier MOTION capture, facial recognition, and avatar rigging technologies supported by an illustrous technology team.

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